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Eye Witness To The Seljord Serpent – Adam Davies

30 Apr

Eye Witness To The Seljord Serpent – Adam Davies. Adam Davies talks about the new footage and his encounter.

New Sighting Of The Seljord Serpent?

29 Apr

New Sighting Of The Seljord Serpent?…check out the video and info … what do you think

Is this a Photo Of A Bigfoot Head?

27 Apr

Is this a Photo Of A Bigfoot Head?.  click link to read the full story


26 Apr

THE LEGEND OF SUGAR FLAT ROAD….Pretty interesting story about this stuffed head …click the link and check it out …do you believe it?


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SIX passenger planes reported seeing a UFO

26 Apr

SIX passenger planes reported seeing a UFO. link to read full report

Shooting Bigfoot Film – Not long Now!

25 Apr

Shooting Bigfoot Film – Not long Now!. … New poster and trailer for the film…plus I give some of my opinion about it all. Thanks

Rocky Mountains Sasquatch photo

25 Apr

Rocky Mountains Sasquatch photo….click the link to see and read more about this photo.

Strang Creature Seen on Hwy. 119

24 Apr

Strang Creature Seen on Hwy. 119…below is the actual area where the mystery monster was sighted. Please click the link and read the post …what was this thing?

UFO Collection Video

22 Apr

UFO Collection Video. —  click the link to watch a pretty good video about UFOs. Some of the photos are from some of The Crypto Crew investigations.



Haunted Plantation in Louisiana

22 Apr

Haunted Plantation in Louisiana…click link to read this report. Thanks