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Rat on Mars

30 May

Rat on Mars. check out my photo enhancements


Possible Bigfoot Picture From Oregon

29 May

Possible Bigfoot Picture From Oregon. ….A recent photo from a research outing. Could it be a bigfoot? click the link to see an enhancement.


Bigfoot Sighting In Illinois?

29 May

Bigfoot Sighting In Illinois?. …check out this new post from TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher.


Luxembourg Bigfoot Footge

28 May

Luxembourg Bigfoot Footge… a closer look at this bigfoot video.


Track Comparison – Can You See The Difference?

25 May

Track Comparison – Can You See The Difference?. .. A very good comparison of tracks taken years apart.

The Disappointments of Bigfoot

22 May

The Disappointments of Bigfoot. …. click the link for a run down of some of the biggest disappointments in bigfoot.


Pizza Shop Ghost

22 May

Pizza Shop Ghost.. …click the link to see some enhancements


Know Your Cryptids – The Ahool

20 May

Know Your Cryptids – The Ahool. .. A look at The Ahool …..giant bat type creature …


Is this a REAL Bigfoot!

20 May

Is this a REAL Bigfoot!. I have done a couple enhancements of this photo – Is it a real Bigfoot?

Expect us Mystery of 5/19/13

18 May

Expect us Mystery of 5/19/13. РJust what is the 5/19/13 mystery all about, guesses range from Aliens to The Rapture. Find more info by clicking the link РThanks