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NIGHTBEASTS – Bigfoot Movie with Zach Galligan! !UPDATE!

29 Jun

NIGHTBEASTS – Bigfoot Movie with Zach Galligan! !UPDATE!.


Update to the bigfoot movie Nightbeast –


Bigfoot Report – Evarts, Kentucky

29 Jun

Bigfoot Report – Evarts, Kentucky. …a more recent report from Ky


A Sculptor’s View of Bigfoot – Dan Baker’s Sighting

28 Jun

A Sculptor’s View of Bigfoot – Dan Baker’s Sighting.

Dan Baker talks about his sighting. The Latest article by TCC’s Dorraine Fisher.


Sighting Report and Witness Interview

25 Jun

Sighting Report and Witness Interview. Red the report and watch the witness interview


America’s Oddities Film Shoot

21 Jun

America’s Oddities Film Shoot. …click the link to see some more from the shoot today

Bigfoot Night Sighting – Interview

20 Jun

Bigfoot Night Sighting – Interview. …click link to read full interview

Casting of a Possible Bigfoot Track

18 Jun

Casting of a Possible Bigfoot Track.

Casting of Possible Bigfoot Track in Oregon. More photos by clicking the link.