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Bigfoot Sighting Report & Investigation

30 Jul

Bigfoot Sighting Report & Investigation

Investigation of a very recent bigfoot sighting. Watch the video. #bigfoot #thecryptocrew




Cannock Chase – The Creepiest Place On Earth?

29 Jul

Cannock Chase – The Creepiest Place On Earth?

Interview with author Lee Brickley! Beware the Pig-Man!



UFO Sighting – Witness Interview

27 Jul

UFO Sighting – Witness Interview

Witness interview – Large black triangle UFO


Bigfoot Witness Interview – Sounds and Tracks

25 Jul

Bigfoot Witness Interview – Sounds and Tracks. …read the report and listen to the witness interview. Includes track photo


Incredible Bigfoot Footage – Enhancement

23 Jul

Incredible Bigfoot Footage – Enhancement….

This video is causing a pretty good stir, so I have attempted to enhance it.


Bigfoot Encounter In Illinois

22 Jul

Bigfoot Encounter In Illinois…Dorraine Fisher has a strange encounter…check it out.


UFO Sighting on Hwy 119

19 Jul

UFO Sighting on Hwy 119… one of my personal sighting. Watch the video.

Google Earth Takes Photo Of Giant Bug?

18 Jul

Google Earth Takes Photo Of Giant Bug?…say what?


Hubbard Photo and Surface Video

17 Jul

Hubbard Photo and Surface Video

Does the Hubbard photo look like the creature in Larry Surface’s video? What do you think?


Colfax Cemetery Ghost photo

13 Jul

Colfax Cemetery Ghost photo…interesting ghost photo and story.