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Bigfoot Sighting Report & Investigation

30 Jul

Bigfoot Sighting Report & Investigation

Investigation of a very recent bigfoot sighting. Watch the video. #bigfoot #thecryptocrew





Cannock Chase – The Creepiest Place On Earth?

29 Jul

Cannock Chase – The Creepiest Place On Earth?

Interview with author Lee Brickley! Beware the Pig-Man!



UFO Sighting – Witness Interview

27 Jul

UFO Sighting – Witness Interview

Witness interview – Large black triangle UFO


Bigfoot Witness Interview – Sounds and Tracks

25 Jul

Bigfoot Witness Interview – Sounds and Tracks. …read the report and listen to the witness interview. Includes track photo


Incredible Bigfoot Footage – Enhancement

23 Jul

Incredible Bigfoot Footage – Enhancement….

This video is causing a pretty good stir, so I have attempted to enhance it.


Bigfoot Encounter In Illinois

22 Jul

Bigfoot Encounter In Illinois…Dorraine Fisher has a strange encounter…check it out.


UFO Sighting on Hwy 119

19 Jul

UFO Sighting on Hwy 119… one of my personal sighting. Watch the video.