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Does The Loch Ness Monster Really Exist?

28 Aug

Does The Loch Ness Monster Really Exist?.


Adam Davies gives us his opinion

Americas Oddities – TV show

27 Aug

Americas Oddities – TV show


Here is the TV show I did – Light hearted and fun with good reports. Don’t know if this is the final cut or not … seems to have turned out pretty good.

Dinosaurs in the Congo

21 Aug

Dinosaurs in the Congo

Could a sauropod dinosaur be alive in the Congo?

Dino Track?


Another Possible Bigfoot Encounter in Oregon

13 Aug

Another Possible Bigfoot Encounter in Oregon.

Watch the video and read the full report.


Soul Series Part 3: So You Don’t Believe In Reincarnation?

6 Aug

Soul Series Part 3: So You Don’t Believe In Reincarnation?.

Part 3 of the Soul Series by Dorraine Fisher

3 UFOs Filmed in Virginia

5 Aug

3 UFOs Filmed in Virginia

Very interesting – anyone else seen something like this?





Does The Soul Really Exist?

1 Aug

Does The Soul Really Exist?.

New thought provoking article by Dorraine Fisher