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Bigfoot Researcher Rene Dahinden

29 Sep

Bigfoot Researcher Rene Dahinden….

Get some bigfoot history

Government Rules for Hunting Yeti

26 Sep

Government Rules for Hunting Yeti

Hunting for the Yeti


Possible Bigfoot Bite Marks on Tree

26 Sep

Possible Bigfoot Bite Marks on Tree

Anyone seen this type of thing before?


Bigfoot Rock piles & Tee-pees

26 Sep

Bigfoot Rock piles & Tee-pees

Some might find this helpful or interesting.



New Book Release and a Bigfoot Film

24 Sep

New Book Release and a Bigfoot Film….check out this special post


Game Cam Photo Of Possible Bigfoot Eye Shine

21 Sep

Game Cam Photo Of Possible Bigfoot Eye Shine.

D. Neal shares his photo and story – check it out.

Another Zombie Story from Florida

20 Sep

Another Zombie Story from Florida.

This is worth a read and it’s not long to Halloween


A Look at The Mothman Phenomenon

18 Sep

A Look at The Mothman Phenomenon.

Some things you might not know about the Mothman.

Herd of Elk Found Dead – What Killed Them?

15 Sep

Herd of Elk Found Dead – What Killed Them?.

Mystery around the death of over 100 Elk

Chupacabra Killed in Mississippi

12 Sep

Chupacabra Killed in Mississippi.

Possible Chupacabra killed in Mississippi? watch the video