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Return to Bigfoot Sighting Area

31 Oct

Return to Bigfoot Sighting Area….

I return to collect my game cams from the area my dad had his sighting. We found more evidence that bigfoot had been back. Check out this short video. #bigfoot


Tim Wells Bigfoot Video

29 Oct

Tim Wells Bigfoot Video….find out more …you might be surprised

What is this Strange Fetus

24 Oct

What is this Strange Fetus…What do you think this unknown fetus is?

Reviewing the Sykes DNA Study

21 Oct

Reviewing the Sykes DNA Study

TCC’s Dorraine Fisher get some Yeti DNA reactions and info from Adam Davies. #Bigfoot

Wildman Skull Found in Minnesota?

19 Oct

Wildman Skull Found in Minnesota?…Odd find or clever hoax?

Baby Nessie Recovered?

18 Oct

Baby Nessie Recovered?….

Was a baby Nessie recovered from Loch Ness? According to this story the answer is Yes. #lakemonsters

More Investigation of a Recent Sighting

15 Oct

More Investigation of a Recent Sighting

More interesting things. Includes 2 videos and some photos. Seems the area is still active.