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Americas Oddities – TV show

27 Aug

Americas Oddities – TV show


Here is the TV show I did – Light hearted and fun with good reports. Don’t know if this is the final cut or not … seems to have turned out pretty good.

3 UFOs Filmed in Virginia

5 Aug

3 UFOs Filmed in Virginia

Very interesting – anyone else seen something like this?





Cannock Chase – The Creepiest Place On Earth?

29 Jul

Cannock Chase – The Creepiest Place On Earth?

Interview with author Lee Brickley! Beware the Pig-Man!



UFO Sighting – Witness Interview

27 Jul

UFO Sighting – Witness Interview

Witness interview – Large black triangle UFO


UFO Sighting on Hwy 119

19 Jul

UFO Sighting on Hwy 119… one of my personal sighting. Watch the video.

Dead Alien!

11 Jun

Dead Alien!

Deal Alien in a freezer! …stop me if you have heard this one before.


Expect us Mystery of 5/19/13

18 May

Expect us Mystery of 5/19/13. РJust what is the 5/19/13 mystery all about, guesses range from Aliens to The Rapture. Find more info by clicking the link РThanks

UFO in Brazil

15 May

UFO in Brazil. … of something in the sky in Brazil ….check it out.


9 May

CIGAR SHAPED UFO?. … this a real UFO or something else? Do you agree with my assumption ?

Interactive Sightings Map

6 May

Interactive Sightings Map. …Check out our interactive sightings map. Zoom in and out , click the icons for an overview of the report and more. Includes bigfoot and ufos.