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The Bigfoot Community Answers Questions

30 Dec

The Bigfoot Community Answers Questions. – The biggest names in the bigfoot community answer some questions. Do you agree? http://www.thecryptocrew.com/2013/12/the-bigfoot-community-answers-questions.html


Reactions to Seeing Bigfoot

29 Dec

Reactions to Seeing Bigfoot…Gordon Ambrose writes about physical reactions to seeing bigfoot.

Bigfoot Evidence in Kentucky

7 Nov

Bigfoot Evidence in Kentucky

More evidence that bigfoot in calling Kentucky home.

EXCLUSIVE! Hunter Encounters And Shoots A bigfoot!

10 Oct

EXCLUSIVE! Hunter Encounters And Shoots A bigfoot!

EXCLUSIVE! Never Told Publicly Until Now! Over 1 hour interview with a hunter who encounter 2 bigfoots and shot one because he felt in danger. Fish and Wildlife get involved and more. An amazing tale. Give it a listen.

Possible Bigfoot Bite Marks on Tree

26 Sep

Possible Bigfoot Bite Marks on Tree

Anyone seen this type of thing before?


New Book Release and a Bigfoot Film

24 Sep

New Book Release and a Bigfoot Film….check out this special post


Game Cam Photo Of Possible Bigfoot Eye Shine

21 Sep

Game Cam Photo Of Possible Bigfoot Eye Shine.

D. Neal shares his photo and story – check it out.