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Reactions to Seeing Bigfoot

29 Dec

Reactions to Seeing Bigfoot…Gordon Ambrose writes about physical reactions to seeing bigfoot.


Reviewing the Sykes DNA Study

21 Oct

Reviewing the Sykes DNA Study

TCC’s Dorraine Fisher get some Yeti DNA reactions and info from Adam Davies. #Bigfoot

Government Rules for Hunting Yeti

26 Sep

Government Rules for Hunting Yeti

Hunting for the Yeti


Bigfoot Witness Interview – Sounds and Tracks

25 Jul

Bigfoot Witness Interview – Sounds and Tracks. …read the report and listen to the witness interview. Includes track photo


Bigfoot Sighting – Never Reported Until Now

9 Jul

Bigfoot Sighting – Never Reported Until Now…..old but interesting.


Sighting Report and Witness Interview

25 Jun

Sighting Report and Witness Interview. Red the report and watch the witness interview


Bigfoot photo on ebay

5 Jun

Bigfoot photo on ebay…check it out …I attempt to enhance the photo …any one know more about it.